TCEN 第二十九次臨床倫理工作坊 : 終止與撤除維生醫療實務與展望

時間:2014  年 10 月 17 日(星期五)下午 1:30 至 5:30

地點:台大醫院兒童醫療大樓 B1 視聽講堂(台北市中山南路八號)



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2014.8.20~23 Society for Risk Analysis – Asia Conference

Date: Aug. 23~24, 2014

Venue: National Taiwan University ( No.17, Xuzhou Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan )


  1. Taiwan Chapter of Society for Risk Analysis
  2. College of Public Health, National Taiwan University
  3. College of Social Sciences, National Taiwan University
  4. Risk Society and Policy Research Center, College of Social Sciences,
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2014.3.30 International Conference on Innovation and Reflection on Medical Humanities and Bioethics Education ~ East Asian Perspectives

Date: 30 th March 2013 (Sun.)

Venue: Kong-Pei Lecture Hall, College of Public Health, National Taiwan University


  1. The Program in Enhancing Medical Professional Education
  2. Centers of Ethics, Law, and Society in Biomedicine and Technology, NTU


  1. Department of Social Medicine, NTU
  2. Health and Humanities Research Platform of Institute
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